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Covington Senior Celebration 2012

The Robert H. Burns, American Legion Post #16 Family located in Covington, La. recently made donations in support of Covington Senior Celebration. 


Covington Senior Celebration provides a safe party for seniors to attend after their graduation ceremony.  This is no ordinary party.  This all-night celebration has become a traditional and appropriate way to celebrate this milestone in the lives of these graduating seniors.  It provides an opportunity for them to have an unbelievably fun-filled night with friends whom they have gone to school with for years.  Most importantly, it reinforces the fact that great fun can be had without drugs and alcohol. 


For more information about Covington Senior Celebration, please contact Lora Matherne (985) 789-0615 or Leigh Anne McGee (995) 630-5232. 


The next Covington Senior Celebration meeting will be held on Monday, April 16th at 7:00 pm in Covington High School’s library.



Photo left to right:  Squadron 16’s Vice Commander and Covington High School senior Buddy Duracher, Post 16’s Commander Stacy Miller, representatives of Covington Senior Celebration Lora Matherne and Leigh Anne McGee, Unit 16’s Auxiliary President Betty McArthur and Covington High School Senior Class President Alivia Vicari.