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Robert H. Burns American Legion Post 16

Sixth District Fall Conference 2008

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American Legion - American Legion Auxiliary
Covington Post 16
Saturday, October 4, 2008

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8:00 A.M. Registration – Post 16 Home – Registration Fee $8.00 (Includes meal)

8:15 A.M. Finance Committee Meeting followed by D.E.C.

9:30 A.M. Call to Order – H.T. “Terry” Sharp, 6th District Commander

                  Advance of Colors – John Nutefall, 6th District Sgt. at Arms

                  Stephen T. Henry & Marilyn Rizan, 6th District Color Bearers

                  Invocation – Mack Huff, 6th District Chaplain

                  Pledge of Allegiance – Ernest A. Watson, 6th District Vice Commander

                  POW/MIA Flag – H.T. “Terry” Sharp, 6th District Commander

                  Preamble – Richard Sands, 6th District Vice Commander

                  Welcome Address – Post 16 Commander, Mike S. Peats

                  Response – George Duncan, Jr., 6th District Dept. Exe. Committeeman

                  Introduction of Guest – Owen “Bobby” Watts, ANEC

                  Greetings from Department & National Officers

                  Boys State Governor Presentation, Harold Burson, Chairman Boys State Commission

                  Department Adjutant, David Simon


                                                  Recess – School of Instruction (30) minutes

                            Commander, Adjutant, Membership and Legion Program Committees


                        Call to Order – H.T. “Terry” Sharp, 6th District Commander

                        Roll Call of Posts – Vince Misuraca, 6th District Adjutant

                        Membership Reports – 6th District Vice Commanders


                                    Richard Sands                                        Ernest A. Watson

                           Area A – James L. Miles                        Area B – Bryon Newton

                           Area C – Larry Townsend                      Area D – Forbe L. Meyers

                           Area E – Clarence J. Brimmer, Jr.          Area F – James “Spike” Major

                                                                                           Area G – Jerome Duplessis


                                    SIXTH DISTRICT COMMITTEE REPORTS (3) minutes


Veterans Affair/Rehab. – John P. Clarke                    Disaster Relief – Earnest A. Watson

VA Hospital Liaison – Roy Kellum                            Oratorical Contest – H.T. “Terry” Sharp

Children and Youth – Mack J. Huff                            Community Service – Eddie Barnes

Un-American Activities – Marilyn Rizan                     Boy Scouts – Larry Townsend

Sons of the American Legion – Bryon Newton           Public Information – H.T. “Terry” Sharp

Nat. Security/Government – C.L. Anthony                Legislation–Owen “Bobby” Watts, ANEC

Ancillary Committee – C.L. “Buddy” Anthony            Internal Affairs – Jessie Taylor

Vets. Preference/Employ – Barbara Thibodeaux        Department Convention – Barbara Thibodeaux

Ways and Means – Morris Griffin                             Blood Bank – George Duncan, Jr.

POW/MIA Committee – James L. Harris                   Credentials – Robert A. Baird

American Legion Baseball -                                      Americanism – V.J. “Vince” Misuraca

         East – J.L. Felker                                           Boys State – V.J. “Vince” Misuraca

         West – Owen “Bobby” Watts                           Const. & By Laws – S.G. “Bubbie” Messina

Vietnam Veterans Memorial – Ronald Ciresi               Agriculture Program – H.T. “Terry” Sharp

Post Development & Revitalization –



                      Time and place of Spring Conference – Covington Post 16, Covington, LA

                                                                                      April 4, 2009


                      Good of the Legion

                      Benediction – 6th District Chaplain, Mack Huff

                      Retiring of Colors – 6th District Sgt. at Arms and Color Bearers

                      ADJOURN – Lunch, SAFE trip home – H.T. “Terry” Sharp, 6th District Commander