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Cajun Wreck 2008
21 to 24 Feb.
Photos from Friday Activity


T.P. Fowler "In case you win... "Jerry Brady replied, "I am going to win." He is a candidate for Chef de Chemin de Fer 2009-10


Ron and Ruth Jamerson framed the WWI photo as a gift for Chef de Chemin de Fer Bernie Sampson


Gil Lovelady and Joe Caldwell


Verne Eckleston
Chef de Chemin de Fer 1999


Shirley and David Lutrell Sous Chef de Chemin de Fer 2007


Dudley LeBlanc and Ray Blanchard waving dollars, Mike Borque and David Simon


Grand Correspondant David Rabius, Directeur Carville Star Mike Woods


National Correspondant David Rabius and Chef de Chemin de Fer Bernie Sampson


Leonard Walters and JoAnn Hall
Grand Chef de Gare 1965-66


Sonny Pearson,,,:
"More fish, please."


"Smoke" and Terry Sims
Chef de Chemin de Fer 2007


Jean and Kent Molen
Grande Presidente &
Grand Chef de Gare


Hank Kwiatkowski & Des Landry counting the money paid for the privilege of slapping or watching the pies in the face. Berta Henderson is still busy dumping bills from that great hat. A total of over $2,500.00 was colllected for distribution to several 40&8 programs including: Carville Star, Box Car, Nurses Training


Irene Puckett gives a pie in the face to Chef de Chemin de Fer Bernie Sampson


Linda LaDue and Berta Henderson.  Great Hat. Berta!


Chuck Rodgers (standing), Larry Aytes, Gil Lovelady,
Joe Caldwell, Harold Burson, Carl Liesmann


Berta and Des hamming it up for the camera


Grand Chefs de Gare - Louisiana Al Petrus 1969, Leonard Walters 1966, Chef de Chemin de Fer Bernie Sampson


Aide de Camp Howard Hoover, Chef de Chemin de Fer Bernie Sampson


Wannabes -- Candidates for Chef de Chemin de Fer Dan Puckett (GA), Jerry Brady (TX), Ted Lang (IL)


Irene Puckett about to receive a pie in the face from Jean Molen. That's Dan Puckett at the right with his camera, not the least bit inclined to protect Irene


Enjoying the feed before "Kangaroo Kourt" began. In foreground: Ted Lang, "Red" Miller, P.L. Landry