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Leaders for 2008 - 2009
Grand Chef de Train Kenneth Lefleur, Voiture 1351
Grand Chef de Gare Joe Caldwell, Voiture 137
Grand Chef de Train Terry Sharp, Voiture 224


Hero of the Year Captain Rick Watkins, EMT, Shreveport Fire Department, has also been selected as National Hero of the Year. Law Officer of the Year Detective Roy Menefee of the Shreveport Police Department ha also been selected as National Law Officer of the Year. Grand Americanism Directeur Milton Harrison has been nominated by Grand de la Louisianne to be the National Voyageur of the Year.
All three of these men plan to attend Promenade Nationale 2008 in Orlando.


Grand Chef de Gare Bill Bayles at the podium wields the gavel to open the session on Saturday. This was his final session as Grand Chef de Gare because he had to leave late Saturday evening to care for his wife at home in Morgan City. Seated at the table are Grand Chef de Train Joe Caldwell and Grand Correspondant Hank Kwiatkowski.


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