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Newburgh on the Hudson


Washington's Headquarters  in Newburgh, New York, USA. It consists of the Hasbrouck House, the longest-serving headquarters of George Washington during the American Revolutionary War,

In 1850, it was acquired by the State of New York and became the first publicly operated historic site in the country. Today, it is a museum furnished to recreate its condition during the Revolutionary War. It covers an area of about seven acres with three buildings: Hasbrouck House, a museum (built in 1910) a monument named the "Tower of Victory", which was completed in 1890 after 4 years of construction in order to commemorate the centennial of Washington's stay..

Also on the property is the grave of Uzal Knapp, one of the longest-lived veterans of the Continental Army. For many years he served as one of Washington's personal guards..

Hasbrouck House served as Washington's headquarters during the Revolutionary War from April 1782 until August 1783. It was chosen for its comparatively safe location north of the strategically important West Point. The 7,000 troops of the Continental Army were encamped near what is today known as Vails Gate, a few miles to the southwest.

In the headquarters at Hasbrouck House, Washington rejected a suggestion to institute an American monarchy and defused the threat of a mutiny among his officers over pay and pensions. He also created and first awarded the Badge of Military Merit which became the forerunner of the Purple Heart. On April 19th, 1783, he issued an order for the "cessation of hostilities"', which formally ended the the fighting of the Revolutionary War.

The Washington's Headquarters State Historic Site is located on Liberty Street in downtown Newburgh. It is several blocks from the Hudson River and enjoys a commanding view of it and Beacon Mountain beyond.


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