Marines are known for their landings but usually leave the decks to sailors. Not so for local leathernecks who have joined forces to help out a comrade in need.

Members of the American Legion, the Marine Corps League, the Military Order of the Purple Heart and the Veterans of Foreign Wars are building a weatherproof, handicapped-accessible outdoor deck for George J. Schovanec, who fought his way across the Pacific in World War II until he was stopped by a bullet March 2, 1945, on Iwo Jima.

Retired Marine Col. Mike Thornton is the chief cutter and hammerer, and ramrods the crew.

"Mike's the closest thing we have to a SeaBee," joked retired Marine Maj. Ken Bourgeois, referring to the Naval Construction Battalions that do most of the service's heavy building.

Thornton designed the deck based on a standard model used in Minnesota, where thern el control de la pelota.