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The Louisiana Military Hall of Fame & Museum



To be built at the Chris Crusta Airport, Abbeville, LA


Dear Veterans:


The Louisiana Military Hall of Fame & Museum will hold the Grand Opening and Dedication of Phase 1 of the two phase project on Sunday, July 5th, 2009.  We would very much like to be able to reach all of your members prior to that date to invite them to the event.  Could you please send me your member list or perhaps help me spread the word through whatever means you normally use?  You may have a newsletter or some method of regular correspondence.  Please advise me on how we might most effectively work together to honor the veterans you serve.


The museum will honor every veteran from every branch starting as far back as we can find records.  This will most likely be in the form of a computer kiosk which the public will be able to access.  Phase 2 of the museum will be built by the state, since the facility falls under the Secretary of State’s office.  Exhibits will also cover every branch and every war, in both the temporary building and in the permanent Hall of Fame.  The Louisiana legislature named this museum as the official Louisiana Military Hall of Fame & Museum in 2006.


On November 18, 2009, the first four inductions into the Hall of Fame will occur.  Again, we would like to invite as many of the veterans as we can reach prior to that day, which will be historic for Louisiana.


Thanking you in advance, I look forward to working with you to honor those who have contributed to keeping America free.  This museum will demonstrate that appreciation for our veterans. 


Please feel free to call me if you have any questions at all.  Suggestions are also welcomed.




Paula Finley

Start Up Coordinator