LAMOPH - Department of Louisiana Mid-Winter Executive Meeting








NOVEMBER 3, 2007


Opening ceremony was held with the men.  Upon completion of the ceremony the ladies left to attend their own meeting. 


The opening ceremony was held by the ladies, opening prayer was given by the Chaplain Gwen Gilliard. 


Roll call was ordered by the President, we had a total of 10 ladies present.  Two National Officers, National Jr. Vice President, and Region V President were present..  The Dept President was present. Sr Vice and Jr Vice Presidents were present. 


Minutes from the last meeting were read and accepted with no additions or corrections.


A treasurer’s report was given by the President because the Treasurer was absent due to her husband’s surgery.


The President asked for reports from the Sr Vice President regarding membership,  Parliamentarian , Sgt at Arms, Trustee,  everyone read the duties of their position.    The Chaplin also stated she would like to start a Birthday mailing.  Also she needs to be notified by the Unit Chaplain upon death of a member.  Before she can perform her duties she needs to be in the know.  Please provide her with the information to perform her job.


We had a guest Mr. Lane Carson, he wanted to say hello and tell us that with the newly elected governor the veterans will be well taken care of.  He advised us that if we ever need information we can call on him. 


The President called for a 5 minute recess. 


Upon reconvening the President called for the report of each Unit.   Monroe, Lora Ahee said that the membership is dwindling and they have very few members to attend and they have less than $100.00 in their treasury.  Covington is very busy with assisting the Patriots on holidays, parades, and etc.  New Orleans is active and doing well, they are very active in working with Veterans and the War Veterans Home in Reserve, LA.  They donated a sewing machine to a female veteran residing there.   Alexandria is busy with collecting toiletries from the hotels and sending them to Operation First Response.  Also on Flag Day they assisted the Patriots accept donations from citizens they give flags to.  They do this at the Wal Mart, and various businesses.  They are also working on a Christmas give out and celebration at the nursing home in Alexandria.  Several ladies Marietta, Cindy and Judy also have visited the War Veteran homes, as well as Presentations at Fort Polk to Veterans who are rewarded the metal.  The MOPH and the LAMOPH are becoming well known throughout our state of Louisiana. 


New Business:  the Spring Convention will be at a location determined by the Department Commander. 


We need to get the standing rules at least rough draft for approval at the spring convention. 


A discussion was held on spending funds to pay for the Dept President’s room and registration fees.  A motion was made by Stacy for the Dept to pay the room and registration for the President.  It was seconded by Lora Ahee.  A vote was taken and the ayes won.  The room and registration fees for the President will be paid for by the Dept treasury.


A discussion was held on helping 741 with the spring convention fees.  A motion was moved that the LAMOPH Dept of Louisiana buy an ad for $100.00 for the convention book.  It was seconded by Gwen Gilliard and the vote was taken and the motion was passed. 


Invitations were given to attend a surprise birthday party for our Sgt At Arms. Given by her daughter, also an invitation by Gwen to attend the NO Veterans Day ceremony at the Superdome.  They will also have a reviling of the Purple Heart Stamp. 


Everyone participate in a Veterans Day celebration in your area. 


The Chaplain recited a prayer and closed the bible.


The President declared the meeting over.  Next meeting will be the spring convention.


Carol Lance



Dept of Louisiana