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MOPH Chapter 177

Shoulder to Shoulder with Gov. Jindal
VA Monthly Site Inspections Ordered - Hospital, Clinics and Mental Health Facilities
Letter from Secretary of Veterans Affairs David LaCerte
Patriot of the Year - Richard O'Brien
MOPH Chapter 177 Fun Raising - October, 2013
Veterans Health Care & Veterans Benefits Briefings 25 Oct 2013
Legislative Endeavor "Purple Heart Recognition Day"
Burial Allowances Available to Veterans
Purple Heart Day Aug. 7, 2013
Kenilworth 4th of July Parade.
Why Are Veterans Waiting Years on Appeal?:
The Purple Heartbeat Newsletter for June 2013
Claims Backlog Begins to Shrink
Presentation - First Responder Award
MOPH Award
Cpl. Joseph Fontenot Plaque Presentation
2014 Cost of Living Adjustment
VA Claims Backlog Milestone
Senate Passes COLA for Vets
Veterans Cemetery Ceremony at Camp Villere 12/05/12
2012 Guide to Constitutional Amendments
Proposed Constitutional Amendment
Purple Heart Day
Stolen Valor Act
Homestead Exemption for Spouse
Hero Poster
Governor Jindal Announces New Legislative Proposals
Sequestration Cuts
Vietnam Veterans and Their Families
OPM: Reservists can not be denied
Schedule a Burial and Benefits
Port Hudson Dedication
Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day
Patriot of the Year
History of the Purple Heart
MOPH 177 Roster
The Training Course for Filing for Benefits from National
VA Benefits - State and Federal
Laws Concerning Veteran Benefits
Photos of Events

Military Order of the Purple Heart
Redstick Chapter 177
Baton Rouge, La.
Meeting Place:
VFW Hall - Zachary Taylor Post
13214 S. Choctaw Drive
Baton Rouge, LA. 70805
2nd Wednesday of Each Month
Time: 12 Noon - 1300 hrs.



Chapter Commander Tommy Jarreau
Phone: 225-664-8060
Chapter Adjutant Roland Doucet
Phone: 225-662-1509



Please click on the links below to view membership information and to print and complete a membership application or an associate membership application.

1. MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION - you are eligible if you have been awarded the Purple Heart Medal by the Government of the United States.

2. ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION - eligibility requirements and dues schedule are contained on the Associate Member Application Form


Membership Information
Reasons for belonging to the MOPH

1. Your Voice in Washington - The Military Order of the Purple Heart represents you in the Nation's Capitol. This means that the voice of the combat wounded is heard in Congress, at the Department of Defense and at the Veterans Administration. We are constantly alert to any legislation which affects our members. The M.O.P.H. is working on your behaf.

2. The Purple Heart Magazine - There is an official magazine of M.O.P.H. It is issued six times a year for the enjoyment of members. Each issue brings a series of timely and well written articles about some of the activities of The Order around the country. Members have written to say that they look forward to receiving The Purple Heart Magazine. The cost of your subscription is included in your modest dues payment.

3. Local Chapters - All members of The Order are automatically eligible to participate in the activities of local chapters of M.O.P.H. These chapters offer programs which meet the needs and interests of local members. Many members enjoy the pride of participating in community based activities as members of M.O.P.H.

4. Annual Convention - Once each year the Military Order of the Purple Heart holds a National Convention for the purpose of renewing goals and ideas. There is always a full roster of activities for members and their spouses. Between the official activities of the Convention, there is a time for relaxation and a chance to renew old friendships and to make new ones.

5. Group Insurance Offers
- The Order is proud to offer a variety of insurance plans to meet the needs of members and their families. Several times a year members will receive material to advise them of different programs. Each program can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each member.

6. Patriotism - We are proud to address each of our fellow members as a "Patriot," for who among the people of this country can say that they have given more of themselves than the members of the Military Order of the Purple Heart? This association is proud to stand up for America, and sponsors an award program, through the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge, which serves Armed Forces Personnel.

7. Educational - The Order is proud to promote much needed patriotic education in our nation's schools. All of our citizens, both young and old, must appreciate the blessing of freedom and accept the responsibility that comes with it. The Order's educational activities include a grant scholarship program to institutions which encourage young people to enter the field of being teachers for the handicapped. The Order also has started a scholarship program for sons and daughters of M.O.P.H. members.

8. Pride of Membership - There is one intangible benefit that members enjoy when they belong to the Military Order of the Purple Heart. Your membership helps to keep alive the ideals for which you were awarded the Purple Heart.

9. Fellowship - The Order provides an opportunity for fellowship with other Purple Heart recipients.

10. National Service Officer Program
- The Order participates in the Veterans Administration National Service Officer Program which serves to assist America's veterans. This program works to make certain that veterans of the United States Armed Forces, and their dependents, receive all to which they are entitled.

11. Outreach Program - The Order operates a service program designed to reach veterans in remote areas. This program is continuously reviewed for expansion into more and more areas.

12. Other Benefits - Support the Veterans Administration Voluntary Service program at Veterans Medical Centers throughout the United States.

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