NWLA Chapter 351

Health Concerns



Betty Ray {my Wife } went to see her urologist to day, Friday, May 29, 2009. He had some bad news. He found that she has a large hurnia on her left kidney, that has to be moved.he said it was the size of half a dollar, and that it was malignant. She is schedule to have it done after we get back from Georgia next week.. He said she would have to stay in the hospital 2 or 3 day's.. He said he could do it micro suction. That neans he will not have to operate like they use to. It was a shock to us.  About two weeks ago, she had some real bad pain in her left side. It went away, but she was sore, so she went to her doctor. She sent her to a Urologyist, and that is what he found.. He wanted to do it now, she told him she had planed to go to Ga, to see her Granddaughter graduate from High School. She could go, but when she got back, it had to be done right a way.
Her cancer is doing good, no problem. Naturally she was surprised, but not worried. She had not been having a problem with her kidney, the doctor said that is the was that kind of cancer is. No pain on nothing. He feels like he can get it without any problem.
Will keep you up to date.
James Eames