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Homestead Exemption For Disabled Veterans



Letter from LDVA Secretary Lane Carson - "How to Increase the Homestead Exemption for Disabled Veteran Homeowners in your Parish"

As Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs and a combat-wounded Vietnam Veteran, it is my honor to provide you with information on how you can help support the disabled veterans in your parish through a recently approved constitutional amendment pertaining to the Homestead Exemption.

When House Bill 246, authored by Representative J. Rogers Pope, passed through the 2010 Louisiana Legislative Session, it did so with overwhelming support from both sides of the Legislature, with a 95 to 0 vote in the House and a 35 to 0 vote in the Senate.  Once signed by Governor Jindal, it officially became Act 1049, a proposed constitutional amendment which would allow for an increase to the Homestead Exemption for disabled veterans who own their own home.

As with any proposed constitutional amendment, Act 1049 had to be placed on a statewide ballot and approved by a majority vote of Louisiana registered voters.  On November 2, 2010 it was placed on a statewide ballot and 737,560 voters representing 64.78% of the vote that day approved the amendment, with only one of the ten other proposed amendments on that ballot receiving more votes.

The amendment allows for the current homestead exemption of $7,500 to be doubled to a total exemption of $15,000 for any home currently receiving the homestead exemption which is owned and occupied by a veteran with a service-connected disability rating of one hundred percent, as determined by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.  The benefit is also available to the surviving spouse of a deceased veteran with the same service-connected disability rating if the exemption was in effect on the property prior to the death of the veteran and the surviving spouse remains the owner of the property.

The constitutional amendment requires that it be approved by the voters in each parish.  Many parishes across the state have already begun the process of placing the amendment on their parish’s upcoming ballot, but not all parishes have gotten involved. I hope that you will help support this measure by ensuring that your parish has plans to place the amendment on an upcoming ballot or if not, by working with your local veteran leaders to get it placed in the coming months.  You can also help by educating the voters of your parish about the importance of voting in favor of the amendment.

Thank you for your support of Louisiana’s veterans and in particular for your support of this important constitutional amendment.  If you have any questions about this topic or for more information about Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs, please visit call toll-free 1-877-GEAUX-VA (1-877-432-8982). 


Lane A. Carson
Secretary, Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs