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St. Tammany Voiture 224


Historic Boland Changes







The George B. Boland Nurses Scholarship program continues to be one of the most popular and active programs of La Societe.  Unfortunately however, in recent times the program has experienced a decline in Voiture Locale participation, stemming mostly from the current economic conditions being experienced in the USA.  If your Voiture Locale participates in the Nurses Training Program, then you may have had such experiences yourself, if not, then you may in the future.  The Boland Nurses Training Trust Fund Committee was very sensitive to such instances, and recognized the need to provide further assistance and incentives to both the Locales, particularly those with limited resources, and also to the nurses training applicant students.  The Committee also felt that certain program changes were called for, not only to energize participation, but also to maintain the relevance, integrity and availability of the program.  To that end, the following program changes were presented and approved during the recent 92nd Promenade Nationale, held in Vancouver, WA, on September 13 – 17, 2011.


The first change increased the maximum scholarship grant amount.  Previously, the scholarship grant limit was $1,000 per student, per program year.  As the result of the action taken by the 92nd Promenade Nationale, the maximum scholarship grant amount that may be awarded to any single applicant student is now $1,250 per program year.


The second change established and defined an “At-Large” George B. Boland Nurses Training Scholarship application submission category.  The change further established that each recognized Grande Voiture is now allowed to submit no more than one (1) “At-Large” application to the Boland Committee, during any particular program year.


An “At-Large” application was defined as one which MUST have been originated by a Voiture Locale, regardless of whether or not the Locale qualifies for the Boland program under either the “Traditional” or “Limited” application options of the program.  That is to say, the Locale may NOT have a regular nurses training program; it may NOT have sponsored any other student applicant; and it may NOT have expended any budgeted financial resources helping at lease one other applicant student.


Under the new change, each Grande Voiture will be responsible for determining the timing and process by which it will identify and select its one (1) authorized application submission per program year.  The Grande Voiture will then collect “At-Large” Boland applications from its associated Voiture Locals, and exercise the necessary decision process, and then submit its selected “At-Large” application to the Committee for consideration.




NOTE:  The Committee felt that the differences in organizational size, operation and management that exist between the recognized Grande Voitures, is much to varied to attempt to develop a single guideline document that would address all the program variations and nuances that would come into play.  In this particular program situation, the belief was that each Grande offered the best source of program leadership and control.   


A Grande Voiture may NOT subject a Locale wishing to submit an “At-Large” Boland application, to qualifying criteria that are in conflict with that already established for the Boland Nurses Training Scholarship program. 


A Grande Voiture wishing to submit an “At-Large” Boland application MUST, as a minimum, meet the following qualifying criteria.


1.     AT-LARGE Application Qualifying Criteria:


a.      The application being submitted MUST have originated from a Voiture Locale within the geographic limits of the submitting Grande Voiture. 


b.     The originating Locale need NOT have a regular Nurses Training Program.


c.      The originating Locale need NOT have sponsored any other student applicant(s) during the current program year.


d.     The originating Locale need NOT have expended any budgeted financial resources helping at lease one other applicant student(s) during the current program year.


e.      The applicant student MUST be a U.S. Citizen.


f.       The applicant student MUST be enrolled in an educational institution above the high school level.


g.      The applicant student MUST be certified as a full-time student by the applicable educational institution.


h.      The applicant student MUST be pursuing an education in the field of nursing.



2.     AT-LARGE Application Submission and Processing:


a.      Each Grande Voiture is allowed to submit ONE (1) AT-LARGE Boland application to the Boland Scholarship Committee each program year (July 1 thru June 30).  There is no deadline for submission of “At-Large” applications.


b.     Once a Grande Voiture submits an application which is considered and approved by the Boland Scholarship Committee, that particular Grande Voiture is PROHIBITED from submitting any additional AT-LARGE applications to the Committee, for the remainder of the current program year.  Should a properly submitted AT-LARGE application not receive the approval of the Boland Scholarship Committee, the application will be returned to the submitting Grande.  In such a situation, the submitting Grande may correct and resubmit the initial application or, if desired, it may submit an alternate or replacement application to the Committee. 


c.      No Grande Voiture shall submit more than ONE (1) AT-LARGE application to the Boland Scholarship Committee at a time.


d.     All AT-LARGE applications MUST be submitted on an original George B. Boland Nurses Training Trust Fund Scholarship Application Form.  Forms are available upon request from Voiture Nationale.


e.      Boland AT-LARGE Grande Voiture application submission packets MUST, as a minimum, contain the following.  Incomplete application packets will be returned to the Grande Voiture, without consideration of the Committee.


                                                    i.     A Grande Voiture letter of submission and recommendation identifying the application as an “At-Large” submission, and carrying the original signature of the current Grande Chef de Gare and either the Grande Correspondant or Grande Nurses Training Directeur.


                                                  ii.     A properly completed scholarship application form.


                                                iii.     Any and all necessary and required supporting documentation.


f.       AT-LARGE application submissions MUST be mailed to Voiture Nationale at the address shown below.



Voiture Nationale

Attn: Boland Trust Fund

777 North Meridian Street

Indianapolis, IN  46204


Should you have any program related comments, questions or concerns, you should contact Voiture Nationale by phone at (317) 634-1804, or by e-mail to