St. Tammany Voiture 224

Installation of New Officers 2009 - 2010


The Installation of 2009-2010 Officers for 40&8 Voiture 224 was held on Monday, July 20, 2009 @ 6:30 PM at American Legion Post 16.  We enjoyed a pot luck dinner after the Installation.  Monsieur Dan Leonard was our Installing Officer. Many thanks to the Voyageurs Militaire that attended. Installed Officers were:  
                            Chef de Gare Roy Kellum
                            Chef de Train Mike Peats
                            Correspondant Al Barron
                            Commissaire Intendant Stacy Miller
                            Garde de la Porte Danny McArthur
                            Aumonier Bishop Chopin Cusachs
                            Commis Voyageur Wesley Howell
                            Lampiste/Drapeau Terry Sharp
                            Americanism Terry Sharp
                            Box Car Directur Terry Sharp
                            Carville Star Terry Sharp