St. Tammany Voiture 224


Installation of Officers 2010-2011

On Sunday, July 18, 2010, the 40&8 St. Tammany Voiture 224 held it's Installation of Officers for 2010-2011. The Installing Officer was Alternate National Cheminot Terry Sharp. Prior to enjoying a delicious potluck dinner the following Officers were Installed:
Chef de Gare Roy Kellum
Chef de Train Michael Peats
Correspondent Al Barron
Commissaire Intendant Stacy Miller
Garde de la Porte Danny McArthur
Aumonier Bishop Chopin Cusachs
Medicin Terry Charrier
Conducteur Terry Sharp
Historian David Rice
Cheminot Pat Finlan
Advocat Emil Johansen
Lampiste Jim Livermore
Commis Voyageur Wes Howell
We also celebrated the Birthday of Garde de la Porte Danny McArthur. The homemade cake made by is wife Betty was unable to hold his 51 candles due to it being a fire hazard.