St. Tammany Voiture 224


Installation of Officers 2011-2012



On Thursday, July 14, 2011, Locale Voiture 224 held its Installation of new officers for the coming year 2011-2012. Our very special quests were Grand Chef de Gare Kenneth “Doc” Lafleur who also serves as Nurses Training Directeur Nationale. Also present was the Grand Commissaire Intendant/Grand Nurses Training Directeur Cliff Kershaw.


Our program began with Voiture 224 Locale Nurses Training Director Terry Sharp, who also serves as Grand Cheminot Nationale/Historian Nationale presenting this year’s Nurse’s Training scholarship to Miss Tina Couch.


Comrade Voyageur Terry Sharp did the honor of installing the newly elected officers of Voiture 224.  The following Voyageur Miltairie’s were installed:


Chef de Gare Mike Peats

Chef de Train Stacy Miller

Correspondant Roy Kellum

Commissaire Intendant Danny McArthur

Garde de la Porte David Rice

Aumonier Bishop Chopin Cusachs

Medicin Terry Charrier

Conducteur Al Barron

Historian Ray Hartley

Cheminot Terry Sharp

Avoct Emile Johansen

Drapeau Ron Burkhalter

Commis Voyageur Charlie Martin

Lampiste David Williams


Following the Installation we enjoyed a great meal of Roasted Pork and Stewed Chicken with all the trimmings.  We thank the ladies for their hard work in the kitchen.


After the meal an unusual game was played involving the Gents against the Ladies.  Comrade Voyageur Terry Sharp declared the contest a draw.


Below is a slideshow presentation of these many events.