St. Tammany Voiture 224


40 & 8 Grand Cheminot Meeting and 28th Annual Cajun Wreck 2012

La Societe Des Quarante Homme Et Huit Chevaux

Grand de la Louisianne




                 In accordance with the Bylaws of Grande Voiture de la Louisianne Article

                 VI, Section 4c the 3rd Mandatory Grande Cheminot is called and will meet

                 in Lafayette, Louisiana at the Holiday Inn Holidome, on Sunday 26th of

                 February, 2012 at 10 A.M.  Written reports from all Grand Officers and

                 standing Committees should be submitted at this time and such other

                 business as may be deemed necessary shall be acted upon. The Grand

                 Cheminot consists of the Grand Chef de Gare, both Grand Chef de

                 Train, the immediate Grand Chef de Gare Passe, the Cheminot National,

                 the Grand Correspondant, the Grand Commissaire Intendant, the Grand

                 Avocate, all Chef de Gare Locaux and the five Grand Cheminots at large.

                 Inside your envelope you will find a registration form for the Cajun Wreck.

                 Please feel free to make copies and pass them on to fellow Voyageurs.



                 Dudley P. LeBlanc

               Sous Grand Correspondant